Yoghurt Preparations

We currently manufacture approximately 400 different Preparations, so you can be sure that we will have the right product for you.

In addition to our Standard range we produce many bespoke Preparations, made to the customer’s own specifications dependent upon the desired effect in the finished product.


Organic Yoghurt Preparations

We purchase high quality fruit from reputable suppliers and subject the raw materials to a series of Quality Assurance controls before allowing the fruit to be processed. The fruit is sorted for any foreign objects and is then weighed. Each step of the production process follows guidelines set out in HACCP controls undertaken by Regency Mowbray to ensure that each product is produced with minimum risk to product safety. Our Organic Fruit Speciality range is primarily for Yoghurt applications but is equally suitable for Ice Cream as well. We also manufacture a range of Organic Sauces and Purees which are especially suitable for Organic Drinking Yoghurts.


Ice Cream & Dairy Products

Aroma Allettante Flavour Pastes - Developed specifically for Ice Cream makers who wish to produce high quality Ice Cream. These concentrated flavour pastes deliver a rich, luxurious quality to Ice Cream (and related products), imparting a flavour reminiscent of traditional Italian Ice Cream.


IC Specialities

These high quality products, available in fruit and non-fruit versions were specifically developed for the discerning manufacturer of frozen foods are designed to give good fruit integrity, the product being in a form which is mobile and non-crystallising under normal freezer conditions to give ease of handling and optimum characteristics in the finished product. The ‘IC’ Speciality Range can be used singularly; or in conjunction with our liquid Flavourings or our range of Aroma Allettante Flavour Pastes.


Fruit & Non - Fruit Products For All Desserts

Including Ice Cream Specialities, Pastry Fillings & Toppings, Yoghurt Preparations, Fruit based Flavour pastes for Ice Cream and Bakery applications, Gels & Glazing Gels, Fruit Sauces & Syrups, Fruit Purees, Coulis and Compotes for Catering applications.


Bakery & Confectionery Products

Pastry Fillings and Toppings - We offer a full range of Fruit Pastry Fillings and Toppings suitable for many Bakery and Confectionery applications including Pies, Gateaux, Danish Pastries etc, which for large orders can be customised to suit the customer’s exact requirements. A range of Zest specialities for Confectionery manufacture is also available.


Coulis, Purées and Sauces (Inc. Compotes)


The latest additions from our Fruit Manufacturing Division are our Fruit Coulis, Purées and Sauces. The Coulis range is available in several flavours including Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry and Redcurrant. During the most important part of the production process, the coulis are strained to allow the finished coulis to be slightly textured, giving excellent taste and mouthfeel. (Also available in Organic versions).

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Yoghurt Preparations We currently manufacture approximately 400 different Preparations, so you can be sure that we will have the right product for ...
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