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Wednesday, 17 June 2009 10:15

Litsea Cubeba Berry oil is one of the main materials from which the Citral is separated. Citral can be used as flavouring agent and as a material to make synthetic perfumery. Litsea Cubeba Berry oil itself can be an agent to flavour varieties of essence for foodstuff - especially the fruit-flavour essence and soft drinks. The refined Litsea Cubeba Berry oil is often used as modifying agent for Lemon essence in order to enhance the freshness of the fruit flavour.
Litsea Cubeba oil is of Chinese origin. The sassy assay of Citral can reach 75%.
FDL provides flavours for beverage, bakery, confectionery dairy and a wide range of other applications. For more detailed information on Litsea Cubeba and the services provided by FDL, please contact the team on: +44(0) 207 488 0777.


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