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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 12:32
The Naranjilla plant is a very attractive spreading, herbaceous shrub with large leaves that have a purple velvet effect and thick stems.

A part of the Nightshade Family (same as Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant), the Naranjilla (Ecuadorian Spanish) or Lulo (Columbian Spanish) is, as the name suggests, a “little Orange”  fruit - because it is round and bright-orange when fully ripe. The fruit is protected by a brown hairy coat that can then be easily rubbed off, showing the bright-orange, smooth, leathery skin.Naranjilla Plant

The small orange fruit has a translucent yellowy- green flesh with a delicious, juicy, slightly acid, Pineapple/Lemon cross flavour (described by others as a citrus cross between Rhubarb and Lime).

To enjoy the ripe fruits, simply wipe the fruits free of the small hairs and eat fresh by cutting the fruit in half and squeezing the contents.. The empty shells are discarded.

The flesh, complete with seeds, may be and added to ice cream, made into a tangy sauce or even in baked desserts.

FDL are able to supply the Naranjilla Fruit in an NFC Juice format, for use in various applications including beverages.
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