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Wednesday, 30 July 2008 11:24

This month’s featured ancient grain is KAMUT.

Kamut is a close relative to wheat and is the same shape but more than twice the size. Despite this link, many people whom are wheat intolerant are able to eat Kamut without problem.

Kamut is thought to be thousands of years old, but its origins are intriguing. Following World War II, a US airman claimed to have taken a handful of the grains from a stone box in a tomb near Dashare, Egypt and mailed them to his father, a Montana wheat farmer, who planted and harvested them for display as a novelty at the local fair. Believing the legend that the kernels were taken from an Egyptian tomb, the grain was dubbed "King Tut's Wheat” but soon the novelty wore off and this ancient grain was forgotten.
In 1977, one remaining jar of "King Tut's Wheat" was found by another farmer, who with his son, an agricultural scientist and plant biochemist soon perceived the value of this unique grain. They spent the next decade propagating it and their research revealed that wheat of this type originated in the Fertile Crescent area. The farmer and his son coined the trade name Kamut, as it is the Egyptian word for wheat.

Kamut has significant nutritional strengths. Compared to wheat it is higher in 8/9 minerals, contains up to 65% more amino acids and boasts more lipids and fatty acids. It also contains 40% more protein than the national average for wheat. Kamut also contains elevated levels of vitamins B&E, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and carbohydrates.

Kamut is an amazingly versatile grain and can be used in place of all types of wheat (hard, soft and also durum). It can be used in cereals, breads, biscuits, snacks and basically any baked goods that might traditionally use oat or wheat flakes. Because of the inherent sweetness of the grain it does lend itself more to sweet baking than savoury.

Due to the popularity of this product FDL are now able to supply Kamut flakes and would be pleased to discuss any requirements. 


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