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Tuesday, 29 July 2008 15:09

The Baobab Tree Fruit

An unusual fruit from a native African tree, the baobab, is to be available in the UK after being approved by the EU. The fruit, contained in a hard nut, has six times more vitamin C than oranges and twice as much calcium as milk.

Africans have eaten the fruit for thousands of years, but Europeans will consume its pulp as an ingredient in cereal bars and smoothies.

Since 1997, foods not commonly consumed in the EU have had to be formally approved before going on sale. The baobab tree grows throughout certain parts of Africa and has many different uses. The leaves can be eaten as relish and the fruit dissolved in milk or water and used as a drink. The seeds also yield an edible oil and can be eaten raw or roasted. The fruit, bark and leaves of the tree are used to treat medical problems including fevers and kidney disease. EU customers however, will not be able to try many of the traditional uses of the tree and its fruit. The fruit will be removed from its nut and the pulp, which is white, powdery and has a cheese-like texture, and will be used as an ingredient in products such as cereal bars and smoothies.

At FDL we are able to source and supply this material as:

• de-pectinised extract (dry powder)

• fruit pulp (dry powder from the desiccated pith of the fruit)



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